The Volume Licensing website allows Win8 Enterprise to be downloaded to the new laptop, which should go some way to fixing the Enterprise Edition client requirement.

It’s not quite slap-black-amex-down-and-join-domain, but then again that’s generally what you’d want!

If you just attended our AUTeched session, thanks for coming along! Except Chad.

Update: Couple of questions suggest I didn't communicate this well enough, so to step back and simplify: DJOIN is used for offline Domain Join (since Windows 7), which gets a client thinking "I should contact a DC!" next time it can find one. The WS2012 feature is to combine this with a policy blob which can pre-provision specific Group Policies to that client even while disconnected. Our example was DirectAccess; it could be anything. Next time the client hops onto a corporate-connected network (or invokes DirectAccess), it'll use regular Group Policy processing to do its magic.