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June, 2010

  • Windows Live Sync Beta “Sorry” Errors

    I’m in the process of updating my Mesh-and-Sync empire to the new Sync. On all of the Server operating systems (all 2008 R2), I’d install the new Live Sync Beta, and then find that they reported something along the lines of: “Sorry, there is a problem...
  • Office Cheap, Windows 7 Cheaper

    Holy ger-burble, splatman! Windows 7 Professional Upgrade for $30 (at the bottom of the block). Office 2010 for $80. Academic editions, with student-friendly pricing. Qualifying student ID required.
  • Ooh, an Alienware M17x

    A friend of mine wanted a high-end gaming laptop; I’d just seen an impressive-looking MX11X in JB Hi Fi, and suggested he look at Alienware kit. He found the bells and whistles of the Alienware M17x were compelling. So, he clicked through to buy it, and...