They wanted me to post about Windows phones.

Well, I’m going to fight the power. Buck the trend. Talk about my new favourite travelling companion.

It is the surprisingly-catchily-titled Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000.


First cool feature: Magnets everywhere!

The wireless transceiver doubles as a 1GB USB stick, and has a magnetic doohickie on the end that the charge cable happily snuggles up to.

The same cable has another magnetic dock on the underside of the mouse.

Next cool feature: Use it like a wired one!

With the mouse power switch in the “off” position, I’m still happily mousing away with the cable connected.

Next cool almost-hidden feature: It does Bluetooth too!

You can select between the 2.4Ghz Wireless thingy supplied by the dongle, or regular Bluetooth connectivity with a switch under the battery cover. And since I got bluetooth fixed on my laptop, that actually makes some sense, and means that – as long as it’s charged already – I can use the mouse for a fair while without having to find the memory stick slash dongle slash cord thing.

I have no idea how I came into possession of this one, but it’s quickly replaced the (fleet of) Notebook Optical Mouse (s) that I’ve loved – yes, loved - over the years for its size, lightness and plucky go-anywhere courage.

It is, however, heavier: there’s a nice metal finish, and obviously a rechargeable battery in there, but I don’t find myself minding that much.

From the wish-it-didn’t department: 4-way scroll wheel that I’d have happily substituted for a fatter non-side-scrolling regular wheel (middle clicks are a bit sharp and rolly), and thumb buttons discreetly out of thumb’s reach on the left. I hate thumb buttons (unlike Jeff), but these are unobtrusive enough that you’re unlikely to hit them accidentally.

So perhaps I’m just getting old – and I certainly don’t play as many first person shooters as I used to, especially not on this 1.2Ghz-and-PATA-toting Dell XT – but this mouse seems to do just fine for the moment. Recommended!

Brought to you by the number 8000, and the word “shill”. :)