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April, 2009

  • Max Payne 2 on Xbox Originals

    Awesome, in a word. Max Payne® 2- The Fall of Max Payne Wins my award for most heartbreaking game ever. With some pretty funky action along the way. I wasn’t as much of a fan of the first one, though if you play them back to back, they run very well together...
  • Certificate Services Web Enrolment

    Spotted: a handy guide, to get your shiny new ADCS Web Enrollment* front end installed and pointed at your CA. With pictures and stuff. For WS2008.
  • On the ISA Server Security Update

    Rambling my way to a point One of my most favourite “Favorites” (read: “he snarled”) in recent weeks has been the ISA Server Product Team’s Build Numbers post . They helpfully list the version numbers of each ISA Server, um, version, along with a link...
  • Antivirus software on ISA Server

    There are two major classes of Anti Virus software (yes, I know I used one word above, it’s called SEO, okay?) that can be used on an ISA Server computer: ISA-integrated antivirus scanning products Regular desktop/server antivirus products ...