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November, 2006

  • Games Games Games, Games Games Games, Game Game all the waaaay.

    What am I looking forward to this Christmas? Well, two have really caught my fancy: Gears of War - 23 Nov (I mean seriously, with a metascore like that , I'd need to seriously justify not buying it) Rainbow Six Vegas - 23 Nov ( metascore not there yet...
  • PowerShell 1.0 is done
  • Xbox Live - Free Gold Weekend for Aussies

    If you've got an Xbox and broadband but haven't upgraded from Silver, give it a go! It's free until 10pm Sunday. I've been playing Gears of War this week, and am *itching* to take it online, but my phone line decided to suddenly choke my ADSL connection...
  • Searching For A Better Notebook

    Back from Fiji. The resort and the people were lovely, the snorkeling amazing, and I'm told the diving was pretty good too. Right back to business: I need some serious retail therapy. I went away with a powerful laptop I barely used (I actually set...