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Screen Clipping not working in OneNote?

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I use OneNote's Screen Clipping feature all the time - to save retyping, to show someone exactly what I mean, to manufacture professional-looking* screenshots from my VMs... it's worth the price of the product alone. I use it with PjPic all the time.

And it's a killer feature! (some might even say... ninja feature?) Whenever I show someone the OneNote screen clipping feature, they go nuts over it. Which is good!

Occasionally though, Winkey+S won't dim the screen to selection mode - it just won't happen.

Here's my quick run-through checklist of why that might happen:

 - Is the OneNote tray icon loaded and visible?

The tray icon is what handles the screen clipping bits (as far as I know; I just use the product, I don't really know anything about it internally). If it's not there, open OneNote itself, and check that in the Tools->Options page, Other section the "Place OneNote icon in the notification area of the taskbar" is ticked.

If it is already, just go click Start->Programs->Startup->OneNote Quick Launch (or whatever it's called, you get the idea).

 - Is the Create Screen Clipping item on the right-click menu of the notify icon grayed out?

Seems to be another way of asking: Did I open an email or document with Information Rights Management applied recently?

(imagine six paragraphs of edgy but insightful commentary on IRM here, and then imagine me adjusting my search terms and finding this KB article, and wistfully deleting all the text and pasting a link in):

900527 The Create Screen Clipping command and the Screen Clipping command are not available in OneNote 2003 Service Pack 1;EN-US;900527

The article suggests bouncing OneNote if screen capture doesn't work; in my experience, I find bouncing the application that most recently viewed protected content works better (eg, Outlook).

  • Awesome find. I am a big OneNote fan myself.

  • I have the problem that when I click Win+S, the screen becomes gray and i am able to select the desired area, then i could not see the OneNote dialog telling me to copy or to insert the grapped image.

  • That's one of the options you get if you right click the OneNote icon in the notification area - I use just the "copy to clipboard" option, which works in the way you describe. You can set it to create a new note, and other options.

  • I have a problem with One Note suddenly, the screen clipping tool works all fine but the part where it asks you where you would like to send your clipping (Copy to clipboard or send it to a page in One Note) does not appear anymore. It literally allows me to select the area to screen shot and then nothing after. Any ideas or suggestions?

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