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February, 2006

  • Taking A Dump (file!) With Windows Vista

    Note: Not sure if this is a feature that will make it into the final release, or if it's there for testing while the product's in beta; I personally would love to see it remain, especially in the Server version. Oftentimes, you don't know you need...
  • Windows Defender Beta 2

    (The Product Formerly Known As Windows Antispyware) Nice to see that the names are starting to swing back in favour of the fun and descriptive, rather than descriptive and...
  • Perfwiz (!)

    Yet another one minute blog post. That took four. Perfwiz is a tool that configures Perfmon (Performance Monitor) counters for you, based on the settings you give to a functional yet adorable little wizard. The output can be useful in troubleshooting...
  • Quickie: The ISA Team is Blogging!

    Yes, the folks behind ISA Server have their own blog now. And have done for a month. Go subscribe! Favourite post so far: Ziv's Celebrity Deathmatch: Access Rules vs Server Publishing Rules
  • IE7 Preview 2: Out There Now

    For the advanced users amongst us (and those that don't mind quirky software). Get it from here . Note: If it does something bad, I'm not responsible. See also: Al's Quick IE7 Preview 2 FAQ .
  • Windows Vista Feb CTP (5308) Nvidia Driver Update (fixes judderbug)

    The new Forceware 87.15 release is available now from Nvidia, fixing 5308's rather annoying once-a-second pausing problem on GeForce cards (like my 6600GT)... It's a ZIP file at the moment, so just...
  • ISA 2006 Beta now on the Web!

    I have a juicy little VM waiting for this: So, if you're interested in testing ISA Server 2006, go hit the site and download your copy!
  • Sir William, I cannot wait until lunch time.

    WARNING: Low-content lint collection post. I've finally run around fixing all the broken bits of the blog's front window , so hopefully the old neighbourhood will follow my example, and won't continue its inevitable spiral towards doom and disfigurement...
  • ISA 2004 SP2 Out Now

    ISA Server 2004 Service Pack 2 is the latest collection of updates, fixes and enhancements to ISA Server, for both Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition. SP Numbering: There was no SP1 for Enterprise Edition, because it was roughly equivalent...
  • My PR is 4. What's Yours?

    Let down mainly by my cheap (but serviceable for games) video card, I rate a 4 in the Windows Vista Performance thingummy. Makes it nice and easy to plan for my next upgrades :) Whadayaget?