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July, 2005

  • No Scanner and Camera Wizard? (And a little on Remote Assistance under x64)

    Tristank has an adventure with three mice and two relatives.
  • Aussie IT Pro Blogger OPML

    Aussie IT Bloggers Wanted For OPML Experiments. Low Pay, Good Conditions.
  • Susan: Two NICs. And Live Logging is Win!

    I was really trying to work an Animal Farm joke in here, but I can't make it work. Susan brings up a couple of really good points (IMNSHO) - first, I'll tackle the NIC question: I always tend to come back to the two (plus)-NIC variant for any given...
  • On Vista

    Tristank is vaguely relieved it's not named after a popular Australian Mitsubishi 4WD.
  • Some Useful ISA Tools

    Susan 's really firing on all cylinders at the moment (I heartily recommend subscribing to her blog even if you're not an SBS'er, as she covers pretty much everything), and posted about a bunch of useful "big land" ISA tools , including the long-awaited...
  • Stuff May Not Work This Week

    My ISP is migrating servers this week; various bits of stuff may not work for a while.
  • Longhorn Beta 1: Sweet!

    As Beta 1 draws ever closer, it looks like excitement's building... Check this out .
  • Technet Briefing Podcasts!

    Caught via Mick's blog . There are RSS feeds for both WMA and MP3 format recordings. I'll try 'em out on my Zen later on.
  • Aussie IT Pro Bloggers

    Australian and New Zealand (iat?) IT Pro Bloggers. Update! Now all at - much less manual! Better for me! Download / Link The OPML is here . Fun And/Or Useful Things To Do With The OPML Upload it to Myw3b...
  • Calling all Aussie IT Pro Bloggers

    TristanK realizes that he can just ask where the Aussie IT Pro bloggers are, and they might actually tell him...
  • Tech.Ed 2005 AU: Win a T-Shirt!

    Handy with the Photoshop or the Paint Shop Pro? (or even the Paint .Net, Illustrator, Acrylic, DeluxePaint II, the GIMP, etc)? Make some cool flair for Tech.Ed 2005, and you can win a T-Shirt! Details at the link below: Yep, that's pretty much...
  • Tech.Ed 2005 AU: Sessions du Chuck

    Chuck posted the Tech.Ed 2005 session list, so you can start pencilling in your plans now.
  • Terminal Server / Remote Desktop DoS Issue

    Via TonySo : Our initial investigation has revealed that a denial of service vulnerability exists that could allow an attacker to send a specially crafted Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP...
  • Custom Password Filters

    Back from holiday now, and almost over the jetlag. Almost. A question came up today about Password Filter DLLs , and the documentation always seems to be hard to find, so I've popped up a quick summary of everything I know here. Back In The Day...
  • My Holiday In Games

    I picked up GTA: San Andreas before leaving Sydney, despite the system requirements being above the specs of the Latitude D600 (only 32MB video, and I've been forcibly coaxing newer Radeon drivers on for a while). Other than being unable to get into the...