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PasteOff 0.8

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Mainly UI fixes in this PasteOff update, so your settings should be preserved if upgrading.

  • Tristan, maybe you should consider adding your project to Darren Neimke's ( Project Distributor?

  • Now that looks like a cool app/site - I'll definitely do some more poking around there.

  • Feature suggestions: <br> <br>-Hotkey support <br>-GIF support <br>-Compression quality support (files seem quite big) <br> <br>Thats it for now! Great app man, I was about to make one myself when I did a google search and found this!

  • Great app!


    - Hotkey support
    - GIF support
    - Compression level support (files seem to big by default).

  • PasteOff is currently a huge memory hog.

    It was sitting on 24MB of mem. I killed it and started fresh and now its 12MB. To put in perspective thats 2xmemory used by Firefox.

  • Yeah, I was faintly surprised at the amount of memory it was using, but the profilers I tried didn't identify it in big flashing letters (which is my approximate skill level).

    It's just a play app, so I'm not overly worried - 2% of system memory used while blogging is an acceptable tradeoff for me (might not be for you).

    I'll add memory optimization to the list :)

  • Yeah ok, also it would be nice if it "auto saved". IE I press print screen, it immediately triggers the save event and places the text on the clipboard. That would be nifty.

  • Now *that* is something I hadn't even thought of.

    Perhaps polling the clipboard contents for changes might work.

    I'll look into it.