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Paint.NET Is Good (and 1.1 is out now)

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I fairly frequently need to use an image editing application for random minor acts of vandalism (see links at left for examples), or just formatting and saving blog images.

I've had Paint.Net 1.1 RC1 installed for a while, but hadn't remembered to try it for anything.

Today I needed to edit text in a way MSPaint couldn't possibly accomplish, so fired PdN up to see what it could do.

Well, I'm sold. It's cool enough for me. It looks clean, it's intuitive, and it does layers.

If you're in the market for a no-cost Paint replacement that doesn't suck, give it a try! Download.

  • XP only installer, yes good job, now go pat yourselfs on the back for product placement. BTW, you are a dick.

  • Hm, could the XP only installer be related to the system requirement "Windows XP SP1 or later (all editions)"? Anyway, Paint.NET is a nice little application, not a Photoshop killer (yet?) but definately better than the good, old MSPaint :)

  • Smeghead: ever consider a career as a motivational speaker?

    Bjoern: Yep, I wonder what they'll do next!

  • Perhaps smeghead is volunteering to lead the mono team for