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Dug from the XBox AU Newsletter: Live Alerts

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(It's clickable)

I don't know when it happened, but I'm glad it did! Xbox Live Alerts are now enabled for the Aussie Live crowd. Might have to try it out later, when my homies get back.

Now all we need is that Messenger tab that shows you when all your Live buddies are online...

  • At the risk of sounding advertisish (is that a word?)... have you taken a look at

  • I just tried the latest version, but it didn't work for me, for some reason.

    Then again, I've pretty frequently had problems with the Xbox AU site, so it might just be a glitch (at my end or theirs).

    Looking at the docs around it, it looks really cool.

    Why it's not possible to do the Messenger Tab thing in Australia is anyone's guess.

  • OK, I was motivated enough to Netmon it while watching the Bathurst V8 Supercars race, and this time, magically, the registration process that didn't work yesterday worked today.

    I need to play with it a bit more, but it *still* looks cool.