This post is an effort to highlight book excerpts on a specific method for applying governance to your SharePoint Server deployment. There is also a section about preparing for SharePoint in the Cloud.

The following quote, from the book  SharePoint Deployment and Governance Using COBIT 4.1: A Practical Approach by David Chenault, defines the importance of applying best practices (in this case, a governance framework) when planning your SharePoint Server deployment:

"The Need for Governance: We believe that a well-enforced governance framework is critical for the successful deployment and operation of SharePoint."

The following excerpts introduce COBIT as a governance framework to apply during the deployment of SharePoint Server 2010.

Book excerpt: SharePoint Development and Governance Using COBIT 4.1: A Practical Approach

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For additional guidance, see the governance poster and white papers provided by our UA team and discussed here.