Hi. I’d like to announce the publication of a new scenario describing the creation and deployment of a large enterprise’s Internet presence site based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. We authored this scenario as a series of articles describing the various stages in the development of the site, along with an accompanying poster that illustrates the site’s architecture, topology, and other data. We are excited about this scenario because it is comprehensive, describing in an end-to-end fashion how a large enterprise plans, designs, builds, and operates its Internet presence Web site.

If you are a business decision maker, system or solution architect, IT manager, site manager, Web developer, or Web designer, this content will help you envision the entire process of planning and implementing both an Internet presence site based on SharePoint Server 2007 and the infrastructure and operations necessary to host and support it in an enterprise. It outlines the steps for site-related and infrastructure-related tasks in an interwoven manner, to suggest a useful order in which to coordinate tasks across the Infrastructure and Site-development teams.

Here is a link to the scenario content and here is a link to the downloadable poster.

We hope you find this scenario useful and, of course, want your feedback. Do you find this type of content useful in helping you plan your large-scale solution based on SharePoint Server 2007? How would you improve it? We put a lot of specific data into these topics -- does the data conform to your experiences? If not, how does it differ? Are there other scenarios you would like to see documented in a similar manner? Any other feedback?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and hope you find this content useful as you plan your own sites and solutions based on Office SharePoint Server 2007.


Rob Silver
Technical writer, SharePoint Server IT Pro Content Team