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March, 2012

  • Server News - Free-as-in-beer App You Should Install Today

    Wouldn't it be great if there was an App that you could run on your Win8CP or Windows Phone 7 that "pushed" you important Windows Server news? Do you read blogs like Ben Armstrong , Virtualization Team , Mark Russinovich ? Well colleagues Martin...
  • I.O.U. (1K-6) Words

    Free-as-in-beer Hyper-V Poster Windows Server 2008 Hyper-v Component Architecture with Service Pack 1 Hyper-v Component Architecture Windows Server 2008 R2 component posters Windows Server 2008 Component Posters
  • IT Pro Secret Weapon

    Increasingly, you don’t need a GUI to get your IT Pro job done. Everything you can do in the GUI, you can do in PowerShell. This is even more true in Windows Server “8” Beta. Not just because there are >2300 cmdlets. Now, you don’t...
  • Hyper-V Cmdlets in Windows Server 8 Demo Video

    Hyper-V PM Eric Bahna recently recorded a video demo of the new Hyper-V Windows PowerShell cmdlets in Windows Server "8* Beta . The complete demo is about 21 minutes long. Windows Server 8 Hyper-V PowerShell Demo Uncut (Please visit the site...
  • Brain Rules for Meetings (and UIs)

    In Brain Rules for Meetings John Medina tells us: "you've got 30 seconds before they start asking the question, "Am I going to pay attention to you or not?"" This advice holds true for new UIs as well. If you have installed the Windows Server "8" Beta...
  • Test Driving Windows 8 Server

    Bill Laing's blog post today announces Windows Server 8 Beta availability . Some other tidbits to add to your IT Pro reading list include: Download Windows Server "8" Beta Win8 Keyboard Shortcuts