Tonyso Credo: "Look for a pattern, and solve it for everything"

May, 2011

  • IT Pro Camp

    Like a lot of people in technology, I call myself an auto-didact . This means I like to fool myself into believing that I am largely “self-taught.” It is part of the mythical life of Americans in particular that the individual can succeed as a lone-wolf...
  • Developers, developers, developers

    The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group is one group of developers with which I do not wish to tangle. If the reports are correct and these special developers were involved in the recent operation in Abbottabad, I can only say, thank...
  • #TNWIKI: Push-button TOC

    There is a new feature on the TechNet Wiki. Push a button, generate a Table of Contents (TOC) for your article. Before: Click Edit, add [toc] and then save After: Check it out, let us know what you think.