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December, 2010

  • Protect Your Hotmail Account Now

    Hackers, such as the one that posted this YouTube video “ How to Hack any Hotmail, ” are going after your Hotmail account in increasing numbers. NOTE: You SHOULD NOT click on links on video pages, especially this one, as they often do...
  • Happy Holidays from the Scripting Guys

    For grins: Hey Scripting Guy blog: Watch the blog for a holiday special series staring 12/19/10.
  • Video: How to Deploy BranchCache Server in Hosted Cache Mode

    James McIllece has posted two new TN Edge videos demonstrate how to deploy a BranchCache server in hosted cache mode . Part 1 , which is six minutes long, demonstrates how to install the BranchCache feature, configure the BranchCache service mode, and...
  • Answers to Top Support Calls

    One wishes that what the SQL Server Tech Center has done would be replicated throughout TechNet, no? An updated list of answers to top support calls, with and RSS Feed! If you’d like to see more TechCenters on TechNet offer this – let them know through...
  • Happy Holidays

    I love my job. Actual e-mail from my manager…. “Where Santa Stores His Elves in the Off-Season” Happy Holidays to you and yours.