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March, 2010

  • New TechNet Video Aggregation Pages

    Check them out, for example this page of PowerShell Vids called Script Center Videos for some reason not immediately obvious… TechNet Videos Deployment Videos TechNet Exchange...
  • A New Hope: Microsoft Engineer’s Mission “help marketing understand social media”

    Mary Jo Foley interviews Microsoft’s Betsy Aoki at;post-5712 Her leadership is inspirational and one of the reasons I love this company. You wouldn’t be reading this on if...
  • Why Wiki Will Win: TechNet Wiki (Beta) Success Stories (Beta)

    Have you heard? TechNet has launched a wiki for IT Pros and Devs – the TechNet Wiki (Beta). Why does this matter? If you think about the content development and distribution business in terms of the software business, then you can consider every un-met...
  • Ever Wanted to Help Write a KB?

    Ever wanted to help write a KB? Perhaps get the info a little faster? Now you can on the TechNet Wiki (Beta). Here’s an interesting ground-breaking example:
  • TechNet Wiki (Beta) Safari (Beta): How to Find Stuff on TNWIKI

    The new TechNet Wiki (Beta) is (wide) open and folks are contributing some valuable content, and trying new things. As the content set grows, it becomes more and more challenging to find stuff. Inthe Beta, most folks are missing that the search bar at...
  • Can’t find it? Write it?: My New Moto

    A few years ago a Microsoft colleague names Jon Pincus talked about “Changing Grumbling Into Energy”. One of the most interesting things about the TechNet Wiki (Beta) is how liberating and energizing it is. See a problem with the documentation? Frustrated...
  • TechNet Wiki: The Early Days

    The TechNet Wiki (Beta) opened for early adopters 3 days ago. At the end of the first week there has been some great feedback and even greater content.On this page you can see the little widget that keeps track of the contributions . Some interesting...
  • New Hyper-V Content

    Some important new Hyper-V content had published in the TechNet library: Live Migration Network Configuration Guide Virtual Hard Disk performance white paper Windows Server 2008 R2 Migration Utilities Check it out.
  • TechNet Wiki (Beta): Not Your Father’s IT/Dev Wiki

    Interesting developments on the TechNet Wiki ( follow the wiki on Twitter ): localized content. What do you think? Leave comments.
  • TechNet Wiki (Beta)

    Check it out, a wiki for IT Pros and Devs . Leave feedback. There are some Hyper-V articles there already (some more complete than others – that’s the wiki way).