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January, 2010

  • Hyper-V TV: Deploying a virtualized server with WDS

    James has posted a video demo on the Edge of how to use Windows Deployment Services to deploy a server onto a virtualization host in a data center .  
  • We Must Disenthrall Ourselves…

    Listening to Sir Ken Robinson this afternoon talking about his book “The Element.” William James told us “common sense and a sense of humor are the same thing, moving at different speeds“ and we’d all do well to remember this and how to shift speeds ...
  • How Deep is Your Bench?

    Do you know where your next IT staffer is coming from? Do you know what they are doing right now to prepare for their duties managing your infrastructure? Need some further training for your own IT career development? Check out the free-as-in-beer Microsoft...
  • Hyper-V TV: Virtualized SLES 10.2 on Hyper-V v2

    There’s a new video from Shai Ofek on showing installation of Virtualized SLES 10.2 on Hyper-V v2 . Just click on the image to check it out!