Some friends here on the Hyper-V team shared a PowerShell 2.0 script for compacting your VHDs:

# Compact a VHD

    [string]$vhdPath = $(throw "Must specify complete VHD path, including extension")

#obtain the Msvm_ImageManagementService class
$ImageMgtService = get-wmiobject Msvm_ImageManagementService -namespace root\virtualization

# Compact a Dynamic VHD
$result = $ImageMgtService.CompactVirtualHardDisk($VHD_Path.ToString())

if($result.ReturnValue -eq 4096){
    # A Job was started, and can be tracked using its Msvm_Job instance
    $job = [wmi]$result.Job
    # Wait for job to finish
    while($job.jobstate -lt 7){$job.get()}
    # Return the Job's error code
    return $job.ErrorCode
# Otherwise, the method completed
return $result.ReturnValue


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