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I am a gaijin. That’s what the title of this post is supposed to say after running it through Bing translator, but how would I know? I don’t read Kanji. Is the title even written in Kanji? Or is it hiragana? Me, clueless. And gaijin, still.

In these cases, and especially when trying to communicate technical info, it is really great to have a knowledgeable human translator to help.

Meet Paul. He writes in both English, like this MSDN Magazine article: Configuration Testing With Virtual Server, Part 2, and in Japanese, like this blog.

“Paul Despe is a Program Manager on the Hyper-V team. Paul has worked as a Software Design Engineer in Test on both the Virtual PC and Virtual Server products. Before joining Microsoft, Paul worked in Japan and at Connectix, a virtualization software company acquired by Microsoft in 2003. Paul can be reached at”

If you follow the Technet blogs feed, you can see all the different languages that TN bloggers post in, but how can we bring all these together around technical content in the library?


Like this, maybe?


Thoughts? Leave feedback and thanks in advance.

  • The fist character is Kanji, the rest is Hirigana.  That is all I remember from my high school Japanese classes.

  • hi tonyso.

    In the blog concerning the virtualization that you wrote, it is always interested and it sees it.

    It is a character like the below.

    私 = kanji

    は = hiragana

    、 = touten (breath timing)

    ガイジン = katakana

    です = hiragana

    。 = kuten (end of paragraph)

  • The side-by-side language translation/editing thing is pretty nice. It is definitely interesting to see the machine translation quality.  However, I am doubtful many qualified bilingual IT people have lots of time to make edits to the tons of technical material out there. I suppose it still is useful for people to edit critical sections that may not make initially too much sense when first machine translated.

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