Help build the IT Pro version of Code Gallery. Go to the new ITCG Forum and let us know what features and functionality you would like to see in the IT Pro version of Code Gallery.

Code Gallery is a community-enabled Web site where you can share developer information and resources such as sample applications and code snippets. CodePlex is Microsoft's open source project hosting Web site. Code Gallery is a pure storage site, with no project management capabilities. If you need to manage a live code project, CodePlex is a better choice.

  • Would you like the IT Pro version of Code Gallery to be more like CodePlex?
  • Or would you rather have the "commmunity" features of Code Gallery?
  • Should it to be the one place for everything Powershell?
  • What should it be called?
  • How will it be different from the community submitted scripts in the TechNet Script Center?

Let us know in the Forum so I can drive your requirements into the team building the new property.