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September, 2006

  • Performance Optimization for VMs

    Collating together best practice tips for getting best performance from your VMs: 1. Software optimization: Install the latest Virtual Machine Additions: for Windows Server 2003 SP1 go here
  • How Microsoft IT Does Patch Reporting

    The screen shot below shows an example of a production report for Microsoft IT patching, clipped from this PPT from IT Showcase . It is from the Microsoft IT main hierarchy a couple of weeks after Patch Tuesday. It uses an SMS 2003 Web dashboard...
  • VM Additions Update

    It is not clear from the download location (the date on the page didn't change) but the latest VM Additions at include support for Vista Beta 2 . Others who...
  • How much free space is on my drive(s)?

    Windows PowerShell guru Jim Truher has just blogged a nifty PowerShell way to check remaining free space on your drive when you are on the command line using the Get-WMIObject cmdlet. Check it out at Getting Disk Usage Information .
  • About Virtual Machine Manager Self-Service

    Here is some information from the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager Beta 1 FAQ on the Self-Service feature which allows IT Pros to pre-authorize VMs so that users can self-provision. Virtual Machine Self-Service What is virtual...