The PressPass site has a new link to an analyst report on DSI:

Microsoft's DSI Strategy: Clearer Vision, but End State Is Years Away From Fulfillment (Gartner, Feb. 8, 2006) Gartner’s analysis of Microsoft’s Dynamic Systems Initiative.

Interesting to see that their top-line recc includes:

  • Change project management processes hanged so that operations requirements are assessed early in the life cycle of new applications
  • Implement best-practice process frameworks, such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library and Capability Maturity Model Integration, to improve process maturity and integration as a necessary step for the effective use of RTI technology.
    • I would add MOF to this list ;-)

Convergence. In yet another data point about IT and Dev coming together, Garnter says " the heart of Microsoft’s DSI is the SDM found in Visual Studio 2005."

Read the SDM white paper.