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January, 2006

  • WMF Patch for MS06-001 - Get It Now

    See the advisory just released (912840 Vulnerability in Graphics Rendering Engine Could Allow Remote Code Execution) for information on how to get your WMF security update before patch Tuesday (1/10). The vulnerability is listed as critical for major...
  • 2005 = 99.83 % availability for one of the Web's Largest Websites - How???

    Want to know how the Ops team for one of the web's largest website manages 2005 availability of 99.83 % while eating dogfood hand-over-fist (like betas for IIs 7.0, .Net 2.0, Longhorn server, 64 bit)? Read the ops team blog and find out.
  • New TN Mag - Disable Admin Account

    Jesper has a great article on why you should disable the admin account on your machine. TechNet Magazine has a blog – they are looking to start a conversation with IT Pros about what you want in a magazine. Do you want to tell them? Check them out...
  • ISA team joins blogosphere

    The ISA team has started a TN blog . They have asked for feedback and opened the dialogue. Head on over and let them know what issues you want to see there (content filtering to protect against certain types of security exploits, for example?)