Good Morning Everyone!

First off, I am not much of a writer.  So you are probably wondering then, why did you start a blog?  Good question, the answer is I needed a better way to provide information to the customers, partners and friends that I work with in my job here at Microsoft. 

What is that job you ask?  I am what is called a Principal Datacenter Technology Specialist, or a better description might be Server and Cloud Technology Specialist because Datacenter is really too confining a word for what I do.  Essentially, I help customers understand how they can better utilize Microsoft's Server and Cloud technologies to enhance their businesses.

A little about me....

  • I've been with Microsoft for over 14 years
  • From and reside in Louisville, Kentucky
  • 26 year Army Veteran and member of the Kentucky Army National Guard
  • Hobbies:  Technology (duh!), Camping, Kayaking, Practical Shooting and Gunsmithing

Enough about me!  I hope you find the information I post useful and I look forward to working with you!