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About The Edge Man - Dr. Tom Shinder


About The Edge Man - Dr. Tom Shinder

The Edge Man blog is written by Dr. Tom Shinder, a man living on the edge since 1999. Prior to entering the world of the IT Pro, I was a neurologist with a special interest in the management of chronic pain syndromes and pain management. Since leaving the world of medicine, I've worked as an IT Pro managing small to large networks, a author or contributor to over 30 books on Windows networking and security, as well as on ISA Server (ISA), Threat Management Gateway (TMG) and the Unified Access Gateway (UAG), an MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer), and public speaker on a number of networking and security issues, presenting at conferences such as WindowsConnections, Microsoft TechEd and BlackHat.

I joined Microsoft in 2010 after a long and successful affiliation with At Microsoft, I am a member of the Directory, Access and Information Protection (DAIP) division of the Information Experience (iX) organization, and work with the Anywhere Access Group (AAG), where we focus on DirectAccess, NAP, UAG, TMG, and some very interesting an compelling technologies that I can't talk about yet, but might be included with the next version of Windows.

My official position is Principal Technical Writer, although I also go by the title of Principal Knowledge Engineer - because my main goal is to communicate ideas and concepts to you that will make it easier to plan, deploy, manage and maintain Microsoft products and technologies. That communication may be in writing, might be in a podcast, might be a webcast, might be a presentation at TechEd (yes!), might be a video, or it might even be through Karaoke :)  Another one of my roles is to come up new ways to communicate technical information so that you can spend less time reading, less time on the learning curve, and more time on the beach!

In my spare time I like to make money by predicting the future better than others can predict the future.

I extend to you an open invitation to write to me whenever you have questions or ideas you'd like to share. On each page of this blog you will see my email address, Twitter account and Facebook account. - please take advantage of those resources! If you want to write to me right now - my email address is I look forward to working with all of you!