Vi er stolte av å kunne presentere John Craddock som speaker på årets TechNet live. Craddock vil gi deltakerne en innføring i DirectAccess og overgangen til Ipv6. Salget av billetter er ennå ikke åpnet, men om du vil reservere en billett, send en mail til IT-Pro ansvarlig, Anders Borchsenius. Billetten koster kroner 1.000,- pr. hode.


Datoene for live er som følger:


Dato: fredag 16.04.2010

Ønsket lokale: Stavanger Forum.


Dato: tirsdag 20.04.2010

Lokale: Nova Kino


Dato: fredag 23.04.2010

lokale: Magnus Barfot.



Dato: mandag 26.04.10

Lokale: Oslo Kongressenter





Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 DirectAccess

Make the transition to IPv6 and reap the benefits

One-day demo rich seminar presented by John Craddock

It’s inevitable that one day we will have to move to IPv6, but if you already have an established Internet connected IPv4 infrastructure it’s hard to justify. Well now things are changing, with Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 Microsoft has introduced DirectAccess. DirectAccess put you in control of your Windows 7 remote clients. As soon as they are connected to the Internet a secure channel is established between your corporate network and the remote client, it doesn’t require the user to logon and connect.  Through this secure channel, using Network Access Protection (NAP) you can check the health of the remote systems; deploy group policy, security patches and more.

The caveat is that DirectAccess requires end-to-end IPv6. Maybe now’s the time to add IPv6 to your network. You don’t have to throw out your IPv4 infrastructure, transition technologies allow IPv4 and IPv6 networks to coexist. DirectAccess enhances security allowing you to be in complete control of remote clients, restrict access to designated servers and if required provide end-to-end encryption. Add SmartCard access and you can build secure remote access systems for the future.

To build your DirectAccess infrastructure you are going to need to deploy IPv6 transition technologies, review your eventual upgrade path to IPv6, deploy certificates for IPsec and NAP and define and configure your requirements for authentication and encryption using IPsec. Oh and you will need to take into account performance and redundancy for remote DirectAccess clients which may require you to deploy Forefront Unified Access Gate (UAG).

Come to this demo rich one-day seminar on DirectAccess and IPv6 and learn how to:

·         Build an IPv6 network and manage IPv6 addresses

·         Configure IPv6 routing

·         Configure the transition technologies to support IPv6 over IPv4 networks

o   6to4, ISATAP, Teredo and IPHTTPS

·         Resolve DNS names for corporate servers

·         Deploy certificates required for DirectAccess, IPsec and NAP

·         Manage smart card authentication for DirectAccess

·         Enhance security through selected access and encrypted access to corporate resources

·         Expanding your options with UAG adding NAT64 and DNS64

·         Implementing  a load balance and fault tolerant solution with UAG

·         Configure inbound firewall rules and the Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG)

This one day seminar builds on is on two highly successful and acclaimed sessions that John Craddock present to over 600 people at TechEd 2009 in Berlin. Come and find out about IPv6 and DirectAccess, you won’t be disappointed.