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  • Blog Post: Managing Active Directory via PowerShell: Introduction

    As a platforms PFE, I spend a good deal of my time at customer sites working with Active Directory administrators. During my travels, I've found that many AD admins are either unaware of what Server 2008 R2 brings to the table with PowerShell and AD, or they're afraid to use it due to the perceived learning...
  • Blog Post: Enumerating Free Disk Space on Remote Computers...with PowerShell

    Here's a quick one for Saturday. A friend of mine mentioned that he was looking for a way to enumerate free disk space on remote computers and was hoping to use PowerShell. Instead of just emailing him the script, I thought I'd post it here. First, we need to decide how to enumerate information about...
  • Blog Post: Managing Active Directory via PowerShell: Sites

    Last time, I did a brief introduction on using the Active Directory PowerShell module. In this post, I will cover how you go about creating sites in Active Directory by using PowerShell. In the intro post, we had a new AD domain controller in the new (surprise!) forest. At this point,...
  • Blog Post: AskPFEPlat Post for removing ADMs and Implementing the Central Store

    This post is a few weeks old by now, but I thought I'd cross-post it anyway. Mark and I worked on the post after having a brief discussion about a few customers who were hesitant to remove the old ADMs. Check it out: