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  • Blog Post: Creating a new SQL instance for LCS 2005 Archiving

    I have not documented every single screen step, any step I do not explicitly called out, use the default selection and continue. SQL 2000 – Autorun SQL Server 2000 Components Install Database Server SQL 2000 SP2 and below error Enter name of computer for new instance – Keep the default...
  • Blog Post: Test for technical bulletins

    This is how I am proposing we push content publicly, specifically the technical bulletins. Can you get this link to display the pdf without problem (no challenge for credentials).
  • Blog Post: LCS 2005 User Replicator FAQ

    FAQ: 1. What does User Replicator do? User Replicator is responsible for ensuring that the LCS 2005 user database (MSDE for SE; SQL Server for EE pool) and Active Directory are synchronized. What this means is that any time an LCS enabled user object is created or modified in Active Directory,...