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  • Blog Post: 0-1-492 in Communicator Web Access 2007 R2 on Windows 2008 (French)

    We had some discussion among our MVP and OCS Master’s teams about 0-1-492 errors with CWA. Benoit mentioned having an existing blog post in French.   I used the Bing translator option to read in English. TomL LCSKid
  • Blog Post: Understanding that LWA is not the new CWA

    With the release of Lync it is likely you have assumed that LWA means Lync Web Access just like CWA meant Communicator Web Access, turns out that it means Lync Web App. To further the confusion the web app is not providing Instant Messaging and Presence (IM&P) but instead it is a meeting client....
  • Blog Post: LCS RTC - An official product team blog

    In its infancy but it has begun, an official RTC blog with product group involvement. I will continue this blog as it represents the support aspect of our product but I expect to help contribute to posts on that site from time to time also. Thanks for your patience and...
  • Blog Post: A bit of insight into the role of Beta Engineer with LCS "Budapest"

    I am currently the Beta Engineer for our Budapest product which is a web browser solution for clients not running the Microsoft Office Communicator client. The goal of this client is to reach those with older operating systems, i.e. pre-Windows 2000 SP4 and pre Windows XP. They are also targeting non...
  • Blog Post: LCS CWA - Registry values to enable tracing on the CWA server

    For all of you that want to gather logs and research yourself or you just really like being prepared when you call for support, here is the necessary tracing information for CWA. Keep in mind that if you get errors when the actual client browser launches, you will also want to enable Flat File Logging...
  • Blog Post: LCS tool for web server component

    So there is not an official name for the product so I will refer to it as "Budapest" the code name and in a generic term the LCS web server component or solution. A tool that I was shown very early in this beta and that I have NOT played with at all beyond the first demonstration was LogParser, such...
  • Blog Post: LCS CWA: Communicator Web Access

    Are you aware of Communicator Web Access? Do you have non Windows OS systems without IM today (Macintosh, Linux/UNIX, or older Windows clients even)? Do you have users traveling that use Kiosks to get e-mail?