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  • Blog Post: Certificate Authorities and PKI: It’s like the mafia

    I visited Redmond at the end of March and while there we were discussing certificates and PKI. Nick a recent Lync Microsoft Certified Master (MCM ) was sharing how he explained how certificate authorities worked and he gave me permission to post on his behalf. Here is Nick sharing his wisdom Think of...
  • Blog Post: Working with certificates

    I never claim to know everything about certificates but I do feel I know a fair amount. In working with a customer issue we had some questions on whether the certificate would be trusted by the PIC partners given the intermediate authorities. When asking one of the partners to look I simply provided...
  • Blog Post: PIC: Which Entrust Certificate do I purchase?

    Andrew from Entrust alerted us to a problem with our documentation around the Entrust Certificates that customers use with Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 and mostly with PIC. I asked Andrew to provide me with information I can share here for your consumption and he has provided this: The majority...