Scott Stubberfield, Microsoft Consultant and Microsoft Certified Master for OCS shared the following issue among the Master community today and gave permission to blog on his behalf.


We ran across a situation today at my customer that I thought I would share.

A user had installed the new Lync Attendee (per user) however it refused to launch. If you looked in task manager you saw it start up but the process exited after 2 seconds. I found a similar bug from last year and it turned out to my case. This user had previously installed and uninstalled a pre-RTM build of the attendee client and apparently there is a known bug in the uninstall process.

Here is the required fix:

The user had old AOC which was somehow not working, hence he uninstalled it, however that did not remove the following key:


Hence the new OC which was per-user was looking into the per-machine installation directory.

This is a setup bug which does not reproduce any more.


For any of you working with deployments that were part of the pre-RTM programs this could be helpful.