Update October 25, 2010 with SQL table information at the bottom of the post

Did you deploy Group Chat CU5 and expect the User Colors functionality, I did and so did others, we appear to have an undocumented stored procedure change to communicate. We are investigating whether it truly is undocumented or if a later update has the solution so for now let me share the modification and to link to the social forums where the info was first shared (that I know of).


Note that they also mention the SQL Management Studio Express solution

Preferences before sproc change:


1. Start the SQL Management Studio and connect to your OCS Back End server with the SQL admin account

Note: If your OCS server is Standard version, then you can download and install the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express first: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=C243A5AE-4BD1-4E3D-94B8-5A0F62BF7796&displaylang=en

2. Click New Query, and then run the following script, it will use store procedure RtcRegisterCategoryDef to add  custom presence category userColors (the store procedure and parameter are case sensitive):

exec rtc.dbo.RtcRegisterCategoryDef 'userColors', false, 1024

3. After running this script, we will be able to see the User Colors tab

Preferences after sproc change:


Update October 25, 2010

I had a customer discussion about the feature and they wanted to confirm which database to make the modification with – Group Chat database or the OCS Pool database (backend) and as I had conflicting information I wasn’t entirely sure my post was accurate. I asked my team and Sasa mentioned just looking at the tables, here is what that looks like once successfully completed on the RTC (OCS Pool backend) -



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