LCS and OCS Product Information

March, 2009

  • R2 Capacity Planning Tool Released

    For those of you working with earlier product versions you will recall we had a Capacity Planning tool with LCS 2005 Sp1 but nothing for 2007. The R2 version has released as promised to many customers -
  • Customers/Partners developing business solutions with R2

    When LCS was first introduced we used the terminology of the product being a presence platform and if you think of the solution being a platform in that it provides the core architecture for handling presence of endpoints that you are able to create custom...
  • OT – Live Messenger on Windows 7 (beta)

    Today Karsten has been added to my list of heroes with an answer to an annoying problem – Live Messenger behavior on Windows 7 now operates differently when you minimize and close (and I don’t like it)!
  • Monitoring Server generates error when viewing reports

    <Update May 11, 2009 - Thomas Binder was kind enough to point out this troubleshooter on Technet that one of his partners used to solve their problems> I had a question last week about my Monitoring Server setup and while we did not get all issues...
  • TextAnalysisTool.Net – Fantastic tool for analyzing large log files

    From my bio and posts you may have caught on to the fact I have supported this product since LCS 2003 and switched to Program Management (not for a feature or component but more of running projects and working with customers and partners in managed programs...