LCS and OCS Product Information

September, 2007

  • Communicator Mobile 2007

    Communicator Mobile 2007 has released Please note that Communicator Mobile 2007 just like Communicator Web Access 2007 is still an IM only experience (CWA does offer control over the telephony settings but isn't a voice endpoint). I posted about the device...
  • Single Download for Documentation

    As the product grows, the ability to get all the documentation at one time is one of my personal desires. Here is the link for the UC Documentation Server and Client. I have requested that the download be updated to include everything which would include...
  • Released: Office Communications Server 2007 Best Practices Analyzer

    The team I am on has been handling 3 distinct projects this year - handling critical LCS customers, driving the OCS 2007 TAP (technology adoption program) (my role) and the Best Practice analyzer. This Friday we reached the RTM milestone and you may now...
  • Gentle reminder of what is important

    Deleting content of post as it was supposed to go on the family blog (Live Writer allows you to choose the blog and I didn't change it).