LCS and OCS Product Information

July, 2007

  • Quality of Experience (QoE) paper published

    The 2007 evaluation bits and documentation are beginning to get pushed to the Microsoft website for Office Communications Server. I would like to point out the Microsoft Quality of Experience paper under Planning. Here is the overview from the download...
  • Just how big is the Office Communications 2007 release?

    Kevin posted the RTM announcement by Jeff Raikes and I wanted to provide the list of products that are included in this sign-off: Office Communicator 2007 Office Communications Server 2007 Office Live Meeting Console 2007 Communicator Web Access 2007...
  • Virtualization technology?

    Here is a question I received today and I thought I would attempt to address it here - Hi Tom, Do you have any knowledge, or reference to anyone deploying LCS 2005 components on virtual servers? E.g. when deploying an Enterprise pool, is it possible to...
  • OT: Seth

    We just had our 3rd child (Sophia, Zachary, Seth), you can't really see him but it is the only picture I have on this computer with all 3 kids.
  • Deployment Series - Time for RTM

    RTM is scheduled and on track for end of month so I will begin working on taking the deployment I have and upgrading to RTM bits when they become available. There appears to be work with AudioCodes to make a demokit for OCS available that matches the...
  • Resource: The Definitive Guide to Successful Deployment of VoIP and IP Telephony

    I am not quite sure how I received the notice for this, but as it is a free ebook offer I figure this is a great (free) way to review. I like to review material that presents a general or non-product specific view in the hopes of learning what is good...
  • Publicly routable IP address and new blog to watch

    Chad and I work together so his blog will be another great one to monitor. As we are in the same site we will attempt to avoid duplication of post topics!