LCS and OCS Product Information

March, 2007

  • VoiceCon 2007

    In my new role I will have my first opportunity to attend an Industry event instead of just a Microsoft event. If you will be attending VoiceCon this March in Florida, please feel free to send me email and say hi while there.
  • OCS 2007 Public Beta

    Man I cannot wait for the public beta to get here. I have been playing with some of the resource kit tools but I can't say anything. For those of you that will play with our new voice technology it will be exciting. Only a few more weeks and I can start...
  • Microsoft: Breaking VoIP Barriers

    I saw the internal email with our new logo and thought, hey that would be a cool banner for the page. I asked for permission to use and received it. I am thankful to the team that runs this site:
  • PIC: Which Entrust Certificate do I purchase?

    Andrew from Entrust alerted us to a problem with our documentation around the Entrust Certificates that customers use with Live Communications Server 2005 SP1 and mostly with PIC. I asked Andrew to provide me with information I can share here for your...
  • PIC: GoDaddy certs... Resolved!

    <Update March 3 - (thanks to Jan, Dennis and Jens for pushing to resolve this)> Customer applied Go Daddy certificate and all 3 partner clouds confirmed working! <original posting below, choosing to use strike through to avoid folks missing that...