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Trillian client no longer in Google Pack

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This post is not about LCS and Communicator specifically but about IM in general. Due to my unique role in supporting our PIC customers (Public Internet Connectivity), I need to have an account on AOL/MSN/Yahoo! in order to test with the customer what they are experiencing. I don't really use any of the three accounts for IM but I given my employment and all 3 being free I of course make use of MSN (Hotmail) for email and IM.

I actually purchased Trillian Pro because of the SIP plug-in it offered. This allows me to start a Virtual PC with Windows XP and then load Trillian to my corporate account and all 3 cloud accounts. By the way to give you a screen shot of the client check out I forgot about being able to upload a pic with each post and thought I might revisit the use of that site.

All of these background to point out an interesting article today about Trillian no longer being in the Google Pack. Maybe I am exposing the rock I live under but I had not heard of this pack although this could simply be due to the fact I am very wary of free software. So without knowing more than what this article says, what strikes me is how Google describes the products in their pack - Free, reputation for excellence and evaluated to meet Google Software Principles... it makes me wonder what Trillian failed to do or really what is Google about to offer that they are a competitive threat?,aid,125813,pg,1,RSS,RSS,00.asp

Have a terrific day and tell your wife/husband that you love them!

Toml LCSKid

  • Strange -- back on Jan 7th it wasn't part of the Google Pack!1pt1v0Q4vD8jSvNS4lqdAuug!665.entry

    Later GoogleTalk was added as an "add-in" for the Google Pack. So I have no idea when it was "slipped-in" to then be "removed" (I guess I blinked - ha ha)

    Trillian was widely used with my customers to bridge the other IM Services. Luckily, I've converted most of my clients to Live Communications Server so Trillian is no longer a big issue.

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