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  • Blog Post: Getting Started with IIS 7.0

    IIS 7.0 is packe d with new features—too many to include in a single article. The architecture is different; the pipeline is different; the configuration is different; the interface is different. The new version builds on the solid, security-focused design you got with IIS 6.0, providing enhancements...
  • Blog Post: Utility Spotlight: Windows Server Logo Certification

      How do you know if your ap plications are compatible with Windows Server 2008? To help ISVs and customers gauge application compatibility, Microsoft created the "Works with Windows Server 2008" program. If you want to make sure that your applications will deliver a predictable experience...
  • Blog Post: Security Watch: Securing a mobile workforce

    Many organizations have staff that operate from far-flung offices, telecommute, or frequently travel to visit customers. Empowering these users to easily access applications and data, regardless of location, makes them more productive. However, until recently, enabling secure remote access often meant...
  • Blog Post: A Month of Windows Server 2008 Tips - Week 4

    Use Windows PowerShell to Manage Virtual Machines Here are a few examples of how you can use Windows PowerShell scripts to manage virtual machines running on a Server Core installation. Note that these scripts are presented as samples and may need to be customized to work in your environment. Create...
  • Blog Post: Track User and Computer Sessions on Windows Server 2008

    Find out how you can easily track all connections to shared resources on a Windows Server 2008 R2 system. Follow our daily tips on: Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS
  • Blog Post: Essential Command-Line Tools for Managing Active Directory

    Get an overview of 8 command line tools you should know that are included with Windows Server 2008 R2 for managing Active Directory. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Perform Admin Tasks During Windows Server Installation

    Discover how you can access common tools during Windows Server 2008 R2 installation so you can perform administrative tasks without having to restart the installation. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Live from DEC Europe 2007

    Greetings all- I'm spending a few days this week at DEC Europe 2007 - the Directory Experts Conference. The conference is run by NetPro, which I mention primarily because NetPro's CTO - Gil Kirkpatrick - is a regular writer for TechNet Magazine . Gil is here, along with a number of other Identity...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008: Know the Right Way to Resynchronize and Repair a Mirrored Set

    Data on mirrored drives can get out of sync. You can resynchronize and repair mirrored sets, but the corrective action you take depends on the failed volume’s status. Here’s what you need to know . Follow our daily tips on: Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS
  • Blog Post: When to Use Processor Compatibility Mode to Migrate Virtual Machines

    Moving a virtual machine from one host to a new host with a different processor can result in a VM failure. Find out when and how to use Processor Compatibility Mode to fix this issue. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Remote Active Directory Administration with Windows PowerShell

    Get an overview of how to start administering Active Directory from a remote system using Windows PowerShell and Active Directory Administrative Center. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Install the PowerShell Graphical Environment on Windows Server 2008 R2

    Windows PowerShell 2.0 offers a handy graphical scripting environment, but it isn’t installed by default. Here’s how you can install the graphical environment on Windows Server 2008 R2. Follow our daily tips on: Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS
  • Blog Post: Free Resources and Tools to Plan and Deploy Windows 7

    Ready to roll out Windows 7 in your organization? Here are some essential tools and resources to help you plan, customize, and streamline Windows 7 deployments . Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Manage Active Directory with Administrative Center and Windows PowerShell

    Here’s an overview of how to get started using Active Directory Administrative Center and Windows PowerShell to manage Active Directory in your organization. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Deploying Windows Server 2008 with System Center

    Special Coverage: Windows Server 2008 It used to be that server administrators would install Windows Server manually using the CD or DVD and then spend several hours configuring the server. Now, with Windows Server 2008, the installation process for servers has substantially changed for the first time...
  • Blog Post: Free Tools for Managing Windows Server 2008 from Windows 7

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  • Blog Post: Utility Spotlight, Online Edition: Remote Server Administration Tools

    The Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack made life easier for lots of IT administrators—or at least it did until Windows Vista was released. Many of the tools just didn’t work with Windows Vista. Now, as Edward Dake describes , the Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) enable administrators...
  • Blog Post: Windows Server 2008: Detect and Avoid IP Address Conflicts

    To better detect and avoid potential conflicts, you can enable IPv4 address conflict detection by following these two simple steps. Follow our daily tips on: Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS
  • Blog Post: Active Directory Backup and Restore in Windows Server 2008

    Active Directory is one of the most critical components of your infrastructure.  If it goes down, your network is rendered useless. Therefore, to ensure business continuity and compliance, you need to have a solid backup and recovery plan in place for Active Directory. Now, you may already have...
  • Blog Post: Delegate Privileges for Group Policy Management

    Learn how to delegate GPO creation and management privileges to other users—including non-administrative users. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Enable the Print Job Error Notification on Windows Server 2008

    Find out how you can enable (and disable) an audible error notification on print servers . Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Control How Group Policy Is Applied At Logon

    The Fast Logon Optimization feature causes policy to be applied asynchronously so the user can start working more quickly. But you can configure systems to apply the latest policy updates before allowing the user to start working so you can ensure the most recent policies are applied . Here's how . ...
  • Blog Post: Configure Windows Server 2008 to Notify you when Certain Events Occur

    Here are 11 easy steps for configuring Performance Counter Alerts in Windows Server 2008 R2. Follow our daily tips on: Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS
  • Blog Post: THE CABLE GUY: Network Policy Server

    Nothing’s more critical to the health of your enterprise than a secure network, and Network Policy Server (NPS), new in Windows Server 2008, is an important tool for manag ing access. It lets you implement organization-wide policies, providing centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting...
  • Blog Post: Manage and Understand the Behavior of Expired MED-V Workspaces

    Take a look at how you can configure when MED-V Workspaces expire , and consider how this behavior will appear to end-users. Follow our daily tips: • • •