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  • Blog Post: Expanded Control with Group Policy Preferences

    One of the most compelling new technologies to come with Windows Server 2008 and Win dows Vista is Group Policy Preferences. GPPs greatly expand what administrators can do with Group Policy, and the great thing is that you don't need to install a new infrastructure since the technology works with your...
  • Blog Post: Use Network Mapping on Domains and Public Networks

    Learn how you can use Group Policy to enable network mapping on domains and public networks. Follow our daily tips on: Twitter | Facebook | blog | Web | RSS
  • Blog Post: Designing OU Structures that Work

    How much planning do you put into your Organizational Unit, or OU, structure ? If you're like many administrators, probably not enough. Too many administrators underestimate the importance and complexity of a well-designed OU structure. It is something that needs to be tailored to your environment, and...
  • Blog Post: Understand and Configure Geolocation in Internet Explorer 9

    The geolocation feature in Internet Explorer 9 allows Web sites to provide information that is tailored to your geographic location. Here's a look at geolocation in Internet Explorer 9 and how you can disable it on your system and systems throughout your organization. Follow our daily tips: •...
  • Blog Post: Understand and Manage Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection

    Internet Explorer 9 includes a new security feature called Tracking Protection . Here’s a quick look at how Tracking Protection works and how you can manage this feature . Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Inside ADM and ADMX Templates for Group Policy

    If you work with Group Policy, you're probably familiar with ADM files.  But how much do you really know about them?  And now there is the new ADMX format to become familiar with.  In the January issue of TechNet Magazine , Jeremy Moskowitz delves into ADM files , discussing the importance...
  • Blog Post: TechNet Magazine January 2009 Issue Available Online

    The January 2009 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online. Learn about Identity Lifecycle Manager 2, delve into Group Policy Preferences, get an overview of advanced SQL Server troubleshooting with Extended Events, discover a handy free utility for managing USB flash drives, and more. FEATURE...
  • Blog Post: Delegate Privileges for Group Policy Management

    Learn how to delegate GPO creation and management privileges to other users—including non-administrative users. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Control How Group Policy Is Applied At Logon

    The Fast Logon Optimization feature causes policy to be applied asynchronously so the user can start working more quickly. But you can configure systems to apply the latest policy updates before allowing the user to start working so you can ensure the most recent policies are applied . Here's how . ...
  • Blog Post: Using Group Policy to Configure Wireless Network Settings

    In an Active Directory Domain Services environment, you can use Group Policy to configure wireless network settings . But you’ll need to do a little tweaking. Here’s what you need to know . Follow our daily tips: • • •...
  • Blog Post: Manage Internet Explorer 9 with New Group Policy Settings

    Internet Explorer supports numerous Group Policy settings. The new version of the browser, Internet Explorer 9, adds new Group Policy settings that further enhance security and allow you to enforce policies for new features. Here's an overview of new Group Policy settings you can use to manage Internet...
  • Blog Post: 11 Essential Tools for Managing Active Directory

    Active Directory is a crucial technology for managing users and groups in an enterprise, but managing user accounts or fixing configuration issues isn't always fun and games. In the September 2007 issue of TechNet Magazine, Laura E. Hunter introduces you to 11 free Active Directory administration tools...
  • Blog Post: Use Group Policy to Configure BranchCache on Windows 7 Clients

    BranchCache uses peer-to-peer networking across LANs to reduce file sharing and HTTP traffic across the WAN. When you enable BranchCache, client computers running Windows 7 keep a local cached copy of data that they copy from a file or Web server running Windows Server 2008 R2. If another computer running...
  • Blog Post: Dive into Advanced Group Policy Management

    A company called DesktopStandard created a very useful tool, named GPOVault, for managing Group Policy Objects.  GPOVault is so useful, in fact, that it's fair to say that most any enterprise using Active Directory should have this tool. Well, Microsoft acquired DesktopStandard along with the invaluable...
  • Blog Post: Five Command Line Tools for Managing Group Policy

    Here are five command line tools you should keep handy when managing Group Policy throughout your organization. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Use Group Policy to Configure Outlook Junk E-mail Filtering

    Get an overview of how to use Group Policy and the OCT to enforce how Outlook handles junk e-mail in your environment. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Create GPO Templates to Simplify and Standardize GPO Creation

    Find out how you can use AGPM to create GPO templates that make it easier to create new GPOs in your organization. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Troubleshoot Group Policy from the Command Line with GPRESULT

    Get an overview of some best practices for using gpresult at the command line to troubleshoot policy settings . Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Understand and Manually Trigger Group Policy Refresh

    Get a brief overview of how systems refresh Group Policy in the background to ensure users have the latest policy settings . Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: What's new in Group Policy?

    Some really interesting and compelling improvements have been made to the Group Policy infrastructure in Windows Vista, not the least of which is a very powerful new file format (the XML-based ADMX file). Jeremy Moskowitz began talking about this back in our November issue with an overview of many of...
  • Blog Post: Use New Group Policy Settings to Manage Office 2010

    Running Office 2010 in your organization (or planning its deployment)? Find out how you can get new Group Policy settings designed specifically to help you manage and secure Office 2010 . Follow our daily tips: • • • blogs.technet...
  • Blog Post: Understand Group Policy AGPM Change Control Privileges

    Get an overview of the AGPM roles you can assign to administrators and the permissions each role provides. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: 25 Cmdlets to Manage Group Policy using Windows PowerShell

    You can use Windows PowerShell to manage Group Policy . Here are 25 cmdlets you can use to retrieve information and perform common tasks. Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: Configure Network Map Settings throughout Your Environment

    Learn how the Network Map feature works and discover Group Policy settings you can use to control network mapping on systems in your environment . Follow our daily tips: • • •
  • Blog Post: January 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine available online

    The January 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online at .  In this first issue of 2008, we take a close look at System Center and how it can simplify many aspects of your job. Whether it's managing your virtual machine environments...