Microsoft Canada's IT Manager Connection blog recently posted a 24 minutes podcast on Virtualization as part of their Align IT series for IT Managers:

Although virtualization technology has been mainstream now for a number of years, it’s still a hot topic of discussion among IT professionals. However, the conversation has changed. No longer is it a question of “should we virtualize?” but rather, “how do we get the most out of our virtualized environment?”, “how do we manage it all?” and “now that we’ve virtualized some of our servers, should we be looking at our desktops?”.

For this edition, Ruth Morton has taken a recent webcast that she hosted with guests Galen Schreck, a Principle Analyst from Forrester Research and Bruce Cowper, Virtualization Lead from Microsoft Canada and has condensed it down to 20 minutes of goodness for your listening pleasure. She'll cover topics such as how the Microsoft solution stacks up against the competition, the nuances of licensing and where virtualization technology research may be heading in the future.

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