I’ve been using my 25 gigs of SkyDrive for a while to share files with partners, customers, friends, family, and anyone else that might be interested in what’ hanging out in my publically shared folder.  Mainly I use it when file attachments are just too big to put into email because of file size restrictions or just good manners of not filling up my recipients mailboxes. 

You can upload files to SkyDrive via drag-n-drop or use a simple upload form where you choose individual files by navigating to them (pretty much the standard way most files are uploaded to websites).  Now there is another way to get files into you 25GB of SkyDrive storage for easy sharing or just to have your files available on the web so you can get to them no matter where you are.  It’s done via the Office 2010 client. 

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel have this share option enabled under the current beta listed under File > Share > Save to SkyDrive.  OneNote shows it as a feature but notes that it is not currently available.  You will have to sign in with you LiveID to connect to the SkyDrive service.  Once that happens, your folders will enumerate and you can save to any of your existing folders or create a new one.  Choosing to create a new folder will launch the browser and take you to the “New Folder setup” on your SkyDrive account.


What’s better than being able to stay inside of your favorite Office applications and access 25gb of on-line storage?  How about the fact that once you save your Office documents out to SkyDrive you can edit them with the Office WebApps through a web browser no matter where you are?  Check out this overview of the PowerPoint Webapp from the PowerPoint Team Blog for more information on the PowerPoint Webapp.

Office 2010 beta can be downloaded at http://www.microsoft.com/office/2010/en/default.aspx