One of the many new offerings Micrsoft has around the "Live" name is Office Live.  Office Live is a service based program that allows small and mid-size business to establish a web presence without hosting their own server(s).  There are 3 offerings that range from a basic WYSIWYG company web site creator and 5 email address with the ability to choose a domain name(free, ad-supported).  All the way up to a Front Page supported company web page for added customization, 50 email addresses, choose a domain name. project managment, collaboration for internal and external users, time tracking applications and more(29.95 a month, no adds)

This is a pretty exciting offer, especially for really small shops.  They can now get their name out there as well as get away from the office to do thier work.  All that is needed is an internet connection and a .Net passport. Check out the different offerings at