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  • Blog Post: Tip of the Day: Partition IDs

    Today’s tip… A shift exists in the way Microsoft is marking its partitions.  Previously, a partition would have an ID in the partition table that denoted what file system type would be stored in it.  For example 06 for FAT and 07 for NTFS.  <screen shot of sector0 with boot code removed...
  • Blog Post: Tip of the Day: ReFS and CHKDSK

    Today’s tip… Because of the way that ReFS works, it is NOT necessary to run Chkdsk against it.
  • Blog Post: Tip of the Day: ReFS not a replacement for NTFS

    Today’s tip… Windows Server 2012 comes with a new file system, ReFS (Resilient File System). This file system is not meant to be a replacement for NTFS. It is merely meant to handle a small subset of what NTFS does. There are a number of things in NTFS that are not part of ReFS. Here...