Last week I mentioned some of the functionality that FSUtil.exe was giving up to Windows PowerShell in Windows 8.1/Server 2012 R2. But FSUtil.exe has a couple of new tricks as well.

Some storage tiering switches have been added, and I’ll talk about tiering later. The thing that I’m most excited about that FSUtil.exe has gotten is the ability to dump out information about NTFS metafiles. This has been a pain point for me as I have had to work a number of cases where disk space was seemingly missing from a volume. In a number of those cases, some metafile was using up the space. However, there was no one place to go to quickly query all the metafiles to learn their size….until now.


Even that sneaky journal file ($USNJRNL) can’t hide from me now!

NOTE:  If you want know more about metafiles, I wrote a blog entry for the AskCore blog a while back that defines some of them.