Today’s (Cloud) Tip…Azure now the top Cloud Storage Provider

According to Nasuni’s The State of Cloud Storage in 2013 industry survey:

Microsoft consistently performed better than the other Cloud Storage Providers (CSP) in the tests, delivering the best Write/Read/Delete speeds across a variety of file sizes, the fastest response times and the fewest errors.  Not only did Microsoft outperform the competition significantly during the raw performance tests, it was the only cloud storage platform to post zero errors during 100 million reads and writes. In those categories where Microsoft was not the top performer (uptime and scalability variance), it was a close second.

For these reasons, Microsoft has replaced Amazon to achieve the top performer position in the 2013 report. Cloud storage is a rapidly evolving market with new providers and new offerings entering all the time. The results in this report illustrate that product parity does not yet exist in this market. While offering “cloud storage” is relatively easy, delivering a high performing, reliable and scalable solution requires significant focus, advanced technology and continuous investment.