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November, 2008

  • Using Direct2D

    In today's post, we're going to walk through a simple demonstration of Direct2D. We're not going to cover advanced features, such as interop with GDI/GDI+ or Direct3D. More on that in upcoming posts. Direct2D integrates seamlessly into the familiar...
  • Direct2D Sample Videos

    ChartDemo.wmv -- Although D2D can render thousands (the exact amount depends on the video hardware that's used, quality of drivers, amount of memory, etc) of anti-aliased primitives per second, there are some cases where even greater performance is required...
  • Direct2D Interop with Direct3D10

    Tom Mulcahy is a Software Design Engineer on the Direct2D team. He posted a cool sample on his blog (Zemblanity) that demonstrates how to do interop between Direct2D and Direct3D10. Check it out.