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This blog will discuss features, functions and views on Operations Manager and Service Manager

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  • Blog Post: Automatically close incidents after x number of days

    I had a request from a customer that the would like a workflow to close all resolved incidents, 7 days after they were resolved. Several solutions exists on the internet, but I think this one is the most simple. First you need to install the SCSM Powershell Cmdlets, as it includes a cmdlet called...
  • Blog Post: Cancel pending activities in a failed Service Request

    Travis Wright has a couple of years ago, written a blog on how to cancel pending activities in a failed Change Request: I often get the request to make a similar solution for...
  • Blog Post: SCSM - The item cannot be updated.....aka. Click Apply and die :-)

    I guess you all have seen the error message below: The problem all relates to internal workflows, that kicks in as soon as you hit Apply. Here's a short example: 1. The incident is created and you click Apply. This will add the following entry to the history log: 2. Internal workflow...