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This blog will discuss features, functions and views on Operations Manager and Service Manager

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  • Blog Post: Data Warehouse problems after upgrading to SP1

    Recently I discovered that an otherwise working SCSM installation had begun to fail the MP synchronization after upgrading to SP1. The following error was logged in the event log: Event ID: 33333 Description: Data Access Layer rejected retry on SqlError: Request: Ral_ExecuteSql -- (statement...
  • Blog Post: Date dimensions for Incidents, Service Requests, Change Requests and Activities.

    I’ve had this blog on my todo list for quite a while and finally I found some time to actually write it. My colleague Atchut Barli created an MP last year that extended the Data Warehouse Work Item cube with a date dimension for when incidents were created. This made some reports a lot more...
  • Blog Post: SCSM 2012 Data Warehouse jobs keep failing

    I often run into the same problem with the SCSM 2012 Data Warehouse, that the cubes jobs all fail. When resuming one of the jobs the following errors appear in the log: Message : An Exception was encountered while trying during cube processing. Message= Processing warning encountered - Location: ...