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This blog will discuss features, functions and views on Operations Manager and Service Manager

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  • Blog Post: Force language on SCSM 2012 Console

    Several customers would like to use the console with the US language setting, even though the client OS is of a different language. In both SCSM2010 and SCSM2012 the console will start up the same language as the client, but for SCSM2012 the users now have the option to change that:: But still...
  • Blog Post: Error when accesing the Analysis folder in the SCSM Console

    After making changes to the user roles, some of the users started to complain about an error when accessing the Analysis Library folder in the Reporting wunderbar. The first part of the error is cryptic as: Application: Service Manager Console Application Version: 7.5.1561.0 Severity: Error...
  • Blog Post: How to force the SCSM console to download a new configuration

    One of my customers had run into a strange problem. They had created some new Incident templates and allowed a specific User Role to see the new templates. It then turned out that only a few people in the User Role could see the new templates. But if a user logged onto another PC it worked fine, so...